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Welcome Guests!

We're happy you are here!  We hope you decide to become your best health and wellness on purpose by teaming with us. Our goal is your  goal! Tell us your why ( to lose weight, improve, repair or maintain health) and we will show you the what and how to achieve your best.

Ever wonder why there are so many diets plans out there and none of them are sustainable? Or, why you would have to buy expensive foods or special shakes from a company for their weight loss plan, that costs you money and time? The answer to these questions are, they are not about making real food and lifestyle changes.

Our program is not like those fad diets and fake-out plans: it is about REAL food, and REAL lifestyle choices: it's the whole package of L.A.N.E., which stands for Lifestyle, Attitude, Nutrition and Exercise, uncomplicated plan tailored just for you that will become a healthy way of life, which will help you, lose unwanted pounds, boost energy, keep the weight OFF and give you what you really want: optimal health.

A Diet (Noun) is what you eat….NOT what you do (Verb)

People spend a lifetime investing in their IRA/401K (Individual Retirement Account), their homes, their cars, and…and…. Yet, invest not enough or very little (due to a busy life) in their IRAH (Individual Retirement Account for Health). While, there are no guarantees in life, why not take the best care of yourself now! Join our Prime-Time Health and Wellness program.

Let us assist you with your desire for youthful energy and great nutrition! In fact, it's so simple, with good results too! Our Coaching, workshops and other services will be an interactive and enjoyable experience. Education is the key to success . . . that’s where Coach Cee Cee comes in…as your personal health coach!

She is here to work with you by listening to what your wellness goals are, as well as guide and support you to establish new habits that will allow you to increase performance, reduce stress, gain energy, control weight and feel great.

SAD TRUTH: 75% of all Diseases are Preventable.
GOOD NEWS: 75% of all Diseases are Preventable!


Scientifically Based, Doctor Developed Nutrition Solutions

Take control of your health and learn simple, effective strategies to help prevent disease, sharpen thinking, boost energy, and more!