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Well Nuggets

Well Nuggets …..where we touch on many aspects and topics about being your best in health and wellness. If your goal is losing weight, feeling great, being healthy from the inside and letting it show on the outside then this is where we have compiled the information (we use many professional sources in sharing the most current health and wellness articles, those sources may be cited and retain their copyright), tools and techniques to work towards your desired goals. Yes, “Fall in love with your health” which includes a well balanced you!

We will add NEW INFORMATION/CONTENT to the various areas. We focus on valuable and usable information to help you become more knowledgeable. “Knowledge is Power…and Power is Progress”. We share in a manner that is easy to understand, to gather and to hold…NOT information OVERLOAD!


Did you know……

The biggest contributor to abdominal fat known of is from what you eat (diet). Highly refined, processed carbohydrates and sugars are associated with development of more abdominal fat. When you eat these, an immediate spike in blood sugar leads to deposition of fat around the middle. You should aim to eat a healthy, balanced diet that keeps your weight under control–and avoid these foods in particular to keep off belly fat. It has been noted that fat distribution to the abdomen predicts who is is at greater risk of having a heart attack more accurately than BMI.  (Source: WEBMD Magazine)

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