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BHW Healthy Happy Holiday Quartet


Give the Gift of Health and Wellth this Holiday Season!

Our BHW Organic Healthy Holiday Quartet includes one each of the following:

BHW Spice Blend 21

BHW Popcorn 4


BHW Sip Tea (your choice of one flavour)

Spice, Pop, Drizzle and Sip

  • See below for product contents/information or click on each individual product for details. Our BHW Products are ALL ORGANIC! NO Additives. NO Preservatives.

Please noteTHE BASKET IS NOT INCLUDED to allow for our special sale pricing and your personal holiday touch without additional shipping costs!

Our product picture is to show how you can creatively put your own personal design touch in gifting!!  Also you can add a book, a candle, scented soaps, a gift card or anything your gifting heart desires. Just wrap and ribbon or box and bow!

What an awesome gift at an AMAZING price with our same quality for those you love or even one for yourself!

Healthy Style. Our Holiday Quartet is available to order online from:

Novemeber 16, 2019  to December 15, 2019.

(Limited Quantity – while supplies last)



BHW Spice Blend 21

Our BHW Spice Blend 21 is a natural and nutritious blend of spices and herbs which you can use daily in your food preparation. Our blend is made with ONLY 21 Organic spices and herbs and NOTHING more! It makes healthy cooking burst with amazing flavor and enjoyable taste. We created it to compliment ANY and ALL foods when cooking fresh vegetables, meats, soup dishes, salads and other creations. “Sprinkle a little…taste a lot!” No need for a million spice and herb jars to create great taste! Our spice blend comes in an all-purpose clear 4 oz glass spice jar with a convenient sifter lid.

BHW Popcorn 4

Multi- Color Kernels

Organic red popcorn, organic shaman blue popcorn, organic robust white popcorn, organic yellow popcorn.

Our multi-colored popcorn does not pop colored, it pops white and yellow!


Did you know:

Popcorn is a healthy whole-grain snack that contains plenty of fiber. Even though popcorn is low in calories, its fiber content can help you feel full by adding undigestible volume. Despite popcorn’s healthy qualities, it can QUICKLY turn to junk food once it’s popped in oil and slathered in butter, salt or other toppings.
(Source: Livestrong).

We sprinkle ours after popping… with our BHW EVOO 1 and BHW Spice Blend 21
Fit with Flavor…NOT with unhealthy Fats!

BHW EVOO 1 – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our BHW EVOO 1 – Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed from ORGANIC Mediterranean olives. There’s no chemical processing, no hexane or heating involved. The oil is third-party tested for all the attributes of purity to ensure there are no steroidal hydrocarbons, pesticides or additives.

7.8 fl.oz / 230 ml

Dark Glass Round Bottle. Tamper Resistant Cap w/inserted pourer and Shrink Wrap Capsule.

Country of origin: Tunisia

BHW Sip Tea

Our tea comes packaged in a lovely keepsake tea tin with a clear window! It also has a tamper resistant shrink wrap band around the lid.

There are 20 round tea bags in each tin per flavour of our organic tea.

NO strings (attached), NO Staples and NO Dyes are used in our tea bags. Our tea rounds fit perfectly in your tea cup for amazing steeping!

*Green  *Chai (Featured in Holiday Quartet)  *Hisbiscus Heaven (Herbal)  *English Breakfast

Organic Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) leaves are unfermented, greenish in color, providing an exceptionally wholesome and flavorful beverage. It has been long valued for its medicinal and healthful properties due to it being packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, including ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and several B vitamins.

Organic Chai. This traditional drink of India has a distinctively, delicious taste. It combines a mixture of organic black teas along with sweet and zesty organic spices including cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves to create a uniquely rich and spicy beverage. Chai Tea tastes great whether served hot or cold!

Organic Hibiscus Heaven. Made with premium quality organic herbs and spices, the tropical hibiscus, rosehips, and orange peel give this tea a high Vitamin C content. While blended with the citrus flavors of orange and lemon, together all of these herbs and spices produce a deliciously refreshing tropically citrus tea. It can be tasty served both hot or as the perfect summer iced or sun tea. Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea.

Organic English Breakfast. This blend of organic black teas is usually described as a medium-bodied, rich morning beverage. It is blended to go well with honey, and typically associated with healthy breakfast. Enjoy this tea as a wonderful morning beverage or at tea-time in the afternoon.


Additional information

Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in
BHW Healthy Holiday Quartet with

Green Tea, Chai Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Hibiscus Heaven Tea