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Mission Level Packages

What is a Personal Consultation?          What is Coaching?


Prime-Time Health Online Workshops

These workshops are interactive, guided by Coach Cee Cee in a virtual classroom, which is structured with ease of use and a flexible nine week pace (Check-in once a week or as often as you like, during the course session).  They are informative and give you a guide to achieve your healthy weight and wellness goals.  Please read below for content overview.



Open Your INTERNAL Pharmacy

Did you know your body makes its own medicine?

Learn about the keys, and the science behind your body’s internal pharmacy.  You can help your body produce these custom-made medicines and be in charge of your health. Which helps with the following:

  • Preventing illness and disease
  • Repairing existing damage

You will also learn:

  •  How to make heart healthy snacks
  • The Pills and Skills model of health




Make Health Your HOBBY

Understand how the body works and focus on making good choices for great health every day.

  • Invest your time in being healthy as a regular routine
  •  Learn how to slow down the aging process
  • Understanding autoimmune diseases
  • Understand/reading food nutritional labels and ingredients to avoid
  • Healthy eating cycles




Move Waste from Your Waist

Did you know excess fat at the waist is linked to several health problems.

Waist size is a strong indicator of our overall health! Find out how to remove toxic waste and eliminate the health-harming chemicals that are produced by belly fat.

A trim waistline can help improve your appearance and promote good health. Learn about:

  • One simple test that can evaluate overall health
  • Movements that help heal the body
  • The best types of exercise
  • Easing pain and increasing vitality
  • Creating a movement plan that works




Live Without Pain and Inflammation

Inflammation literally means the body’s immune system is on fire. Learn the primary causes, and ways to reduce inflammation throughout the body.

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Quality vs quantity of food
  • Top anti-inflammatory foods
  • Why we age and how to age healthily
  • How stress causes aging and ways to manage stress