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Real Food..Real Ways..Real People!

Just a few pictures sent to us by our BH Wellites sharing how they Spice and Pop with us!

We love their creative kitchen ways  sprinkling on fruit, meat, veggies and mushrooms from roasting to baking  to  snacking or sauteed.

BHW Spice Blend 21 is your one and all to fit any healthy eats with flavor.





(Coming Soon NEW Yummilicious Dishes featured from both our BH Wellite loves and Coach Cee Cee)


Welcome to my kitchen creations.  

  • Eat Right for Health and Wellness.
  •  Healthy is the BEST style!
  • It all starts in the kitchen, preparing healthy eats! 
  • Being the best version of yourself is all about balance both physically and mentally.

I flavor it up with my amazing BHW Spice Blend 21 (Our blend is made with 21 Organic spices and herbs) using the most colorful and healthy spices and herbs making each meal burst with flavorful delight…and, yes ONLY Spices and Herbs!

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Come on in and let’s have a snack or dinner plate 🙂

I use natural organics and very few ingredients to create yummilicious healthy eats, bursting with flavor, as I drizzle and sprinkle each creation with  Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and our BHW Spice Blend 21.